3 Easy-to-Fix Issues with the iPhone XS

As smartphones go, the iPhone XS is pretty good. But like most smartphones, it isn’t perfect. Small bugs and glitches affect the latest addition to the Apple family just like any other generation. But luckily for you, they don’t require a huge overhaul of your iOS or an exchange for a new device.  

Here are three issues with the iPhone XS, and their super simple solutions. 

Problem: Chargegate

Nearly every generation of iPhone has been at the center of some kind of scandal or controversy, earning it the ‘gate’ suffix. Not to be the left out, the iPhone XS is no different. And as you’ll find out later, for more than one issue.

In this case, chargegate describes the issue some iPhone XS owners experience while trying to — you guessed it — charge their handsets. The problem is when the phone locks. All is fine until the iPhone goes to sleep, at which point the phone loses its charge. 

Fix: Update your phone

While one solution involves constantly unlocking your phone as it charges, this isn’t a practical use of your time. A far more convenient fix is simply accepting the 12.1 (or later) updates to your iOS. Go into Settings and tap General to see if there’s a Software Update waiting for you.

Although it’s a simple answer, it’s not obvious to every iPhone owner. Plenty of people hesitate before they accept an update to their existing iOS. In fact, some people put off updating their system for as long as possible for fear of these updates changing the phone’s UI or apps’ UX. 

Let this be a reminder of how important these updates can be; they aren’t just superfluous upgrades pushed by Apple HQ. They often come with necessary patches to glitches or security vulnerabilities. 

Problem: Grubby glass

On the one hand, the glass body is a beautiful and sleek addition to the phone. Straight out of the box, it looks every bit a premium handset. But on the other hand, it can be a source of frustration. This gorgeous design feature is a magnet for fingerprints as well as scuffs, scrapes, and dust. 

It doesn’t take much for the stainless steel or glass body to showcase swipes and taps from browsing and texting. Or, grosser still, the oil slick you leave behind on the screen after each phone call. But perhaps the worst of it all is the cosmetic damage earned from rough surfaces and sharp objects. 

Fix: Grime-proof iPhone skins

If you’re tired of buffing out smudges and bemoaning a nick in your ultra-thin bezel, you need an iPhone XS skin. All iPhone skins are made from a waterproof, grime-resistant vinyl when you shop from an online designer like dbrand. Not only will it camouflage existing damage. It will also prevent new scrapes from showing up in 4K HD like the nude glass does.

As an added bonus, choose the right iPhone skin and you’ll make sure you never drop your iPhone again. A texturized iPhone skin from dbrand adds considerable grip to an otherwise slippery phone — keeping your XS in your hands and away from the cold, hard ground. Choose from a black matrix of hexagons or black camo with individually texturized patterns to improve your grip with a sophisticated look.

Problem: beautygate

We never thought the day that you look too good in a selfie would be a problem, but here we are. Plenty of users are hitting the web complaining about how the iPhone XS smooths out skin tone and surface too aggressively, leaving behind a false image — something like a photoshopped or airbrushed version of you.

Fix: Tweak your camera settings

While this may not be a problem for most users, you may not enjoy this uncannily pretty version of yourself. If you prefer the “real” you with all your faults, you can go into your camera’s settings to turn off Smart HDR. 

The iPhone XS’ Smart HDR feature often prioritizes a smoother-looking frame that’s taken at a longer shutter speed than a “true-to-life” frame that’s taken at a shorter shutter speed. That’s because the front-facing camera doesn’t have the Optical Image Stabilization that the rear-facing cameras do, so it can take shots that look blurrier (or smoother) than pictures taken from the rear.

If you accepted the update to 12.1 or later as suggested above, you’ll have accepted a patch designed to fix this feature of Smart HDR. However, by toggling this option off manually, you may find your pictures capture more detail and contrast. 

The bottom line

No phone is perfect — not even the iPhone XS. Luckily, there are no major setbacks tarnishing the handset’s reputation. The issues it faces are minor annoyances rather than major problems, and they all have simple and convenient solutions. As long as you have the right iPhone skin and a finger on your settings and system updates, you’ll likely always have a way to keep your XS out of trouble.

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