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3 Ways New Tech is Helping Medical Cannabis Users Access The Products They Need

For hundreds of thousands of Canadians, medicinal cannabis provides much-needed relief for illnesses such as PTSD, Crohn’s disease, and multiple sclerosis. With cannabis now legal for recreational purposes in Canada, it is easier than ever for patients to fill their prescriptions and access the products they need. 

But while the consumption of cannabis is legal, it remains a controlled substance. Producers of medical cannabis are responsible for ensuring that they remain compliant with federal regulations. Fortunately, new tech solutions from companies like Ample Organics are playing a major role in ensuring that compliance doesn’t come at the cost of convenience. 

Here are three ways that new tech is making it easier for producers and clinics to help patients fill their prescriptions in the most streamlined and safe way possible. 

1. Helping Producers Stay Compliant with Regulations 

In Canada, it is the responsibility of producers to ensure that they are compliant with the strict regulatory framework that is currently being enforced by the Cannabis Act of 2018. Producers need to keep extensive seed-to-sale records about every plant they cultivate. These records provide a level of traceability required for quality assurance, and help to ensure that the profits made through the sale of cannabis are not going to criminal organizations. 

In order to track and store the significant volume of data needed to stay compliant, many producers are using seed-to-sale software platforms to facilitate fast, efficient data-keeping practices. Ample Organics, the leading seed-to-sale software provider in Canada, is used by 70 percent of the country’s cannabis producers.

2. Guaranteeing Quality Assurance

Tracking cannabis isn’t just about preventing illegal activity; it’s also about quality control.

One of the key benefits of Canadian cannabis regulations is that the existing regulatory framework is assuring that patients get the best possible product from licensed producers.

 By using new technologies like the Ample Organics platform, quality assurance is built directly into the production workflow — from seed to sale. Every bulk lot is linked with Certificates of Analysis and lab test results, ensuring that producers can pass on detailed information about their product to their clients.  

3. Connecting Clinics, Producers, and Patients 

Patients with a medical cannabis license can choose to purchase their products directly from the producer. But in order to be eligible for medical cannabis, patients need to have a prescription for medical cannabis which they can get at a clinic.  In the past, this was  a time-consuming process for everyone involved.

Now, cannabis tech solutions are streamlining the sign-up process by connecting clinics directly with cannabis producers and registering medical cannabis patients electronically. Not only does this make it easier for patients to receive the products they need, it also makes it easier for producers to connect with patients. 

According to the latest statistics, there are now over 330,000 registered medical cannabis patients in Canada, an astronomical increase over the approximately 40,000  patients registered in 2015. For many of these patients, cannabis provides much-needed, life-changing relief from the ailments from which they suffer. 

In the same way new cannabis software is making it easier for producers, clinics, and patients to connect with one another, the companies driving this technology are playing a major role in facilitating the rapid growth of the medical cannabis industry.   

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