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Challenges to Run a Successful Pre-School Education Business

If you are planning to start preschool, then there are lots of things in your mind. Like how to set up or which things you have to include and which not. With all of that, there are main factors that drive a successful preschool and to fulfill each aspect you have to face some challenges and get some opportunity to grow. And here we share all of the challenges you have to face to run your preschool. 

Lack of awareness

In many counties, parents grew up with a traditional mindset and save the income. Even preschool education is costly, and not all of the parents can afford it. With it, they are not aware of the benefits that their children get in future. With time the awareness about education is increasing, but it is still the challenge especially in small town or villages. In such areas, the income of the people are not high, and infiltration rates are low.

Lack of training facilities and quality teaching staff

The biggest challenge for preschool business is lack of quality teaching staff and a there is no staff, it is but obvious that there will be a lack of training facilities. Good trainers and training material help teachers to work effectively with the tools and technology for the development of young minds.

Most of the preschools maintain a teacher to student ratio of 1:10, and hence it requires a higher number of teachers compared to regular schools. Due to more number of teachers, the pay scale is not higher, which makes it more difficult to attract the quality staff and teachers. 

If we talk about teacher training, then it is also an expensive plan. But due to lower income people can’t stay in one place which causes difficulties in ongoing training for further development.


For homegrown schools, the effective curriculum is a big challenge as they don’t plan it with research. Even it is not well designed. And as a result of it, it automatically reduces the interest of the student in substantial learning. If we think regarding business perspective, then the lack of any facilities or services can make a difference between two schools and it impacts directly on admissions and profit.


With the increasing price of real estate, rental properties are the last option to run a preschool, and it is the biggest expenditure. Even it is one of the main reason to break out many preschools which are not organized. The high rent lead to high fee charges from parents which in turn cause parents to rethink twice on the education investment of children.

Sales and Marketing

For the unorganized school, the high cost of sales and marketing is a liming factor. This type of schools cut the cost by limiting some of the basic resources and hence failed to attract the parents. As the students are limited, it again increases the cost per student.

It is all about the challenges one have to face while running the preschool. If you are also planning to start a school, then look over all the problems and ready to face it. 

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