Crafty Ways to Save on Your Yarn and Knitting Supplies

Whether you’ve got a serious passion for knitting or crocheting or you’re just a budding novice, being able to score a good deal on yarn can be the key to completing some of your projects. It’s important to feed our need for a creative hobby to stay productive, happy, and passionate. 

But the cost of our hobbies shouldn’t be so large that we lose that zest for our labors of love. For those who have a penchant for wooly crafts, there are ways to save money and reduce the expenses for our hobby so you don’t have to compromise your creativity.

Stay in the Loop

One of the simplest ways to know when the next good sale is happening is to sign up for Yarnspirations’ mailing list. You won’t have to look too hard for how to get your yarn for less when you’ve got updates on the latest deals coming straight to your inbox.

You’ll also get tips, inspiration, and a discount on your next purchase when you sign up to receive the e-mails. What’s more, you’ll get plugged into an online community where you’ll be able to learn from other knitters and crocheters and improve your own crafting abilities.

Recycle the Old 

This isn’t a particularly complex way to save money on new knitting and crochet supplies, but it’s a handy one: get rid of what you don’t use to make room (and cash) for what you’d like to get next. Sell your less-used knitting or crochet supplies through an online classifieds site like Kijiji or through an online marketplace like eBay. 

You can feel good about recycling and while you’re exchanging goods, you’ll probably spot a good deal or two that you can’t pass up. Especially for items like knitting supplies and crochet tools that you haven’t used before, it’s a good idea to buy used items to start out with before you commit to something shiny and new. 

Throw a Yarn Party

Got a gaggle of pals that share your passion for this wooly hobby? If so, between the lot of you there’s probably a surprising amount of extra yarn. Maybe your friend doesn’t have enough to make a second sweater, but what they consider extra could be exactly right for a project you’re working on. 

Get your crafty friends together and invite them to bring along balls of yarn, knitting and crocheting supplies, and maybe some old pattern books, too. You will surely find something that can be borrowed or traded for good!

Consider Selling Your Work

Have you thought about selling some of your work to friends, family, or the online community? If you crunch the numbers on cost of supplies and amount of time spent creating washcloths (for example) against how much you can earn on one, you might be surprised to find that you can make a decent profit. 

Depending on your skill level and social network, you could turn to your own personal social media to sell some of your finished works. You could also set up an online shop on a platform like Etsy where you can access a huge market of potential buyers. What do you do with the money you make? Well, you buy more craft supplies! If you’re successful in selling your work you can fund your hobby completely using your talents. It’s a great system, so why not give it a shot? 

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