GPS Tracker and Beyond, Great Xmas Gifts Fro Hikers

The perfect way to find the best gift for someone is to look at what hobbies that they enjoy, and then buy something that they can use whilst they are doing it. Today we are going to focus on the hikers of this world, those who love nothing more than the freedom of the countryside, walking for many miles and sleeping out under the stars. If you know someone who loves hiking and you are thinking about what to buy them for Xmas this year, here are just a few ideas which you may wish to consider.

GPS Tracker

Although many of us have GPS on our phones, the very fact that we use them for other things means that we may not always be able to rely on them. With this in mind then a GPS tracker could be a great gift for a hiker, as it will help them to not only get where they are going, but it can also be essential to their safety, helping them to be found should they run into any danger. These trackers are light and small which makes them perfect for traveling with, and it could very well save the person’s life.

Cook Book

A wild cooking book can also be a great idea to buy a hiker, and it can give them some great ideas as to what they can prepare whilst they are away. Many books have been written by other hikers who wish to eat well as they are traveling, which means that all angles are considered such as which cooking tools to take with you and which are the best foods to travel with.

Star Spotting Guide

Another great idea from the book category is a book which helps the hiker to track the stars above their heads. More often than not hikers are treated to the very best of the night sky because they are away from any light pollution. Being able to spot constellations and galaxies however can only be done by the trained eye, and they will have a lot of fun learning each evening.


The clothing which someone who hikes will use can often be very specialized as it will need to be light enough to carry, small enough to pack yet warm enough to protect the user from the elements. Do your research and invest in a great jacket or pair of trousers for the hiker in your life, and help them to look and feel better when they are on the trail. If you are able to, try to speak to some friends or hiking partners in order to find out what they need, and then you can get the gift which will be perfect for them. If you are in any doubt, consider a gift card for an outfitters, so that they can select what they want on their own.

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