How Best Version Media Created a Wonderful Culture For Their Employees

A happy and talented workforce is the key to any successful company and it is the responsibility of the leaders within the business to encourage a welcoming, hard working, forward thinking and driven culture which gives the employees all the tools to work to their highest level. Not all companies can do this, but there are some who have worked very hard on creating such a culture within the workplace. One such company which we are going to talk about today is Best Version Media, a company who creates and publishes micro tag magazines for towns, communities and niche markets, and who have a brilliant culture which they have created for their team. After reading the rave reviews, we spoke to some of the guys who have worked at Best Version Media, to find out how they have managed to create this culture.


The management team at the company have always been very empathetic and flexible with their staff and this is something which has been in place for many years. The result of this flexibility around working hours and time off has created a team of people who are more than happy to put the extra hours in when needed, because they know that the management team will do the same for them.

Ideas Culture

Many who run a business are not good at is harvesting ideas from within, something which Best Version Media prides itself on. Of course businesses must be careful that they do not appear desperate for innovation but creating an environment which encourages and supports ideas from the team is something which can have hugely positive impact on the business. Beyond this employees can feel fully valued when they believe that they have the freedom to make suggestions for the business, especially when they are listened to.

Team Building

The team is the most important aspect of a workforce and this is something which all businesses should remember. In fact it is fair to say that a team of average workers that functions as one, will be far more productive than a collection of excellent individuals who are working autonomously. What Best Version Media do to ensure that there is a solid team dynamic is that they organize many events which brings the team closer together. From team building days to seasonal events, the company is keen on creating a culture of team work and family, which as a result has a profoundly positive effect on business.

Work Hard Play Hard

It is clear from the guys that I have spoken to who worked at the company that if you work hard, the rewards great. There is lots of fun that takes place in the office but this only happens when the team have been working to a high level. Many businesses promise reward for hard work but these are usually bait and switch tactics to get the team firing on all cylinders, the result of which is that the  workforce will not be fooled next time. Best Version Media however follow through with their rewards and therefore further encourage the team to strive even harder for success.

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