How To Spot A Bad Leader

Every single workforce in the entire world is just as good as its leader. Unfortunately, most people are unlucky enough to be led by people that are simply very bad leaders. Those leaders that are motivating, capable and inspiring will make you better at your job and can even set an example that you can follow in the future.

Cielo Gonzalez Villa acknowledges the presence of bad leaders in all domains of activity. She declared that in most cases this is because people are put in a position of leadership without actually being ready to be there. With this in mind, if you want to identify a very bad leader, here are some pretty simple signs to look out for. They will identify those bad leaders that you should not trust.

Lack Of Integrity

For a leader, integrity needs to be a vital quality. It really does not matter how effective, intelligent or capable the leader is in the event that leadership is not there. Lacking moral integrity means that trouble is surely going to appear in the future.

As an example, remember the fact that employees always look up to the leaders in order to see examples of proper behavior. When the leader has unethical behavior, it is a certainty that the employees are going to do exactly the same thing in the future. Moral integrity almost always leads to a person being taken down and eventually replaced.

No Adaptability

Business keeps changing. The best leader is the person that is adapting to the current situation. There are many different leadership styles that can be used, all based on the exact situation. Different things are going to motivate different people. The best leader is the one that recognizes this fact and adapts. He/she has to be fluid. The poor leader is going to be stuck. He/she will keep using the exact same strategy that worked in the past. When this is no longer effective, problems appear.

Whenever you see the fact that the leader is stubborn and slowly adapts to the changes that surround him, it is time to look for someone else as a role model.

No Vision

The leader needs to keep pushing forward. This is why it is important to have a vision. If that vision does not exist, the team does not know where it is headed to. Elon Musk is a great example of a leader with a vision. He keeps improving and lets everyone know what his vision is. The bad leader ends up complacent and is eventually stuck.

Bad Communication Skills

The last thing that needs to be highlighted is that great communication skills are absolutely mandatory for any leader in any domain of activity. If the plan of the leader is great, things should go well. However, this is only possible when that plan is properly communicated to all people that are involved. This does include motivating team members. When leaders show an inability to properly communicate expectations and ideas, their efficiency is most likely really low.


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