Integrity Heating and Cooling, Boston’s Only Answer

If you live in Boston, MA and you are looking for a company that meets your heating and cooling needs then look no further than Integrity Heating and Cooling, an excellent company. I have bought from this company twice and both times I was absolutely blown away by the experience. Now as anyone who follows me will know, I am not the type to recommend products or companies but sometimes the experience is so good that you simply have to tell everyone about it. When it comes to this Boston based company I have been incredibly impressed and if you are a Boston, MA resident like me, looking for a new furnace or air conditioning unit for your home, then these are the guys to call, and here is why.


It says on the company website that Integrity is their name and that this is what they aim to live up to, and in my view they certainly did. I find that great service is hard to come by these days but the entire team here were absolutely brilliant and helped me more than I could have imagined. The service is excellent throughout the company from the receptionist to the installers, and anyone else that you may be dealing with.


I used to be a gas fitter so I know a thing or two about the prices of equipment such as cooling systems and furnaces. This is why I was so taken aback buy the prices which the guys had on their website, they were incredibly cheap. Now I don’t know about you but extraordinarily cheap prices make me somewhat suspicious so I wasn’t sure how to take the company when I first saw them. I then saw however that they also offer $500 in cash to anyone that can find prices for the same products cheaper anywhere else in Boston. With such a claim I was convinced that these guys were the real deal, and thankfully I was right.

The Quality

I was a little concerned that the lower priced products may be as a result of cheaper materials being used on the products but this wasn’t the case at all. At first I got the furnace fitted and then some months later I purchased an air conditioning unit with them. Both products were incredibly well made and functioned perfectly, and they still do 3 years on.


Many companies like this, especially here in Boston, MA seem to want to sell you something and then forget that you exist unless you’re coming back to spend more cash, this was not the case with these guys. In fact after my air conditioning unit stopped working after a power outage, the cooling repair team arrived at my door just 3 hours after making the call to the 24 hour reception.

Excellent products, great service and wonderful prices, what more could you need?

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