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John Robert Powers on Being a Fashion Influencer

For many people on social media, the dream of being an influencer is one which is highly popular indeed and many people are trying to upgrade their Instagram profiles so that they may be able to do this. An influencer is someone who has a large following and who can recommend and review products. The benefits of this are being paid to sponsor products, receiving free gear and of course, gaining popularity. Something which many would like to do is to become a fashion influencer so today we have some tips on doing just that. John Robert Powers runs a modeling business here in Chicago and we managed to grab some time with him to see what people need to do if they wish to be a fashion influencer.

Pick a Niche

The best way to gain a loyal following is to work within an niche area of the fashion industry. Someone who is trying to cover all bases in the fashion industry is less likely to bring people back time and time again whereas if you are to focus on what or two aspects of fashion, you can drum up far more support. Think about the kids of clothes that  you like to wear and then explore these areas of fashion be it gothic, sleek, chic or casual.

Looking Good

If you want clothing companies and the general public to be interested in what you are putting out, you have to ensure that the content looks absolutely amazing. First of all you should look at your absolute best and so too should the clothes that you are discussing. Pay heavy attention all of the details in the image and make sure that you have set the right scene. So many people gain a large following but then fail to properly understand what is needed from them by way of content. Let’s say you are doing this on Instagram, you should ensure that the photo looks clean, professional and that you are providing great value to y our followers.


To ensure that you have happy followers and that you are doing your utmost to gain more, you must engage with people who are commenting on your page. Remember that the idea of social media is to create a community and if you are not getting involved in the community, why should they do anything for you? John Robert Powers recommends that in order to be a true star of social media, you must engage with as many people as you can, adding value and providing a human touch to what it is that you are doing.

Remember to always focus on the quality of your content and don’t ever forget about the people who follow you and love what you do. If you are able to hit achieve these three tips then you can count on some future success.

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