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Make Your Home More Healthy With Normal Household Tricks

When we think about a healthy lifestyle, we only focus on exercise, food, and nutrition but keep in mind that with all of it, the environment around you also play an essential role. We spend a significant amount of time at home, so it is important to clean the environment of home and how to do it? Here are some tricks and tips to apply. 

Get an air purifier

The first step of a healthy life is clean air. Make sure you are breathing clean air. Air pollution makes the worst effect on our health and the fine particles present in the air cause lung issue and heart disease. To reduce the risk, buy an air purifier as it can filter out small particles as well.

Switch to soy candles

Fragranced candles can smell your home, but to use it daily has some risk associated. Scented candles made with petroleum-based paraffin wax candles. It emits hazardous chemicals which can cause cancer, asthma, and allergies. So switched to Vegetable-based options, for example, soy candles. It does not produce harmful chemicals. 

Dodge chemical-based products

Don’t use the chemical based cleaners or pesticides. Instead of it, use basic soap, water, and essential oil. Chemicals in cleaners lead to many health problems like asthma or carcinogenic issues. You can use baking soda, vinegar, and lemon as a natural cleaner. 

Control your light

Light pollution affects the quality of sleep. If you are leaving in the city area where lights are too much, get shades the windows, or wear an eye mask to block the lights. Inadequate sleep can cause mental illness, obesity, cancers, and memory loss. 

Clean out your pantry

If you want to live a healthy life, then the first step is to remove all the tempting junk food from your home. Eat green veggies and grains and drink fruit juice. Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol consumption.

Get rid of dust

It is common that home and apartments are filled up with dust under the bed and pillows, in the corners, furniture, and bookshelf.  Even exposure to dust mite can cause asthma and allergies. So use the vacuum cleaner to remove dust, change the pillowcase and bed sheets. Reduce humidity of house. 

Filter tap water

If you are drinking tap water directly then before drinking it, filter it. Make sure that it is not contaminated. Local companies usually filter the water, but it has chlorine, led, and sometimes pesticides also. It is best to filer the water with any water purifier or Ro system or pitcher. 

Store your food in glass not plastic

For storing food or putting leftover food, use the glass container instead of plastic. Plastic contains toxic chemicals that affect the hormones and cause even cancer. As per one study, plastic drains toxins into the food and when we eat such food, it imbalance our body system. Even plastic also harm the environment while glass is reusable and recyclable, and most importantly it is inert.

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