Michael Giuffrida – How My Partner Finds Inspiration Each Day

I am always in awe of how my wife find inspiration each and every day to work hard, stay focussed and achieve results within her business. Each morning she wakes up with a smile and with a drive which I have never seen in anyone else before. I spoke with my wife last week about where she manages to find the inspiration to keep pushing and stay focussed each day, and I thought I would share what keeps her motivated, perhaps you could take a leaf out of her book.

Her Business Partner

The first thing that my wife began to talk about was her business partner Michael Giuffrida, a man who she says inspires her daily to be the best version of herself in the workplace. She tells me that her partner is an excellent example to both her and the rest of the workforce and that being around him makes her want to work harder, smarter and faster. She has worked for a number of different partners in the past but she says that Michael is the only person who makes her perform to the very highest levels each and every day.


My wife had a tough childhood and her family would regularly have financial problems. It is this upbringing she tells me that is one of the key reasons why she is inspired each day to get the most out of life, and to strive to achieve great things. As she often tells me, people who grew up around her were not as lucky as she has been and many of them are still living in this plight. My wife is always driven because she fears going back to that life, and this fear is what keeps pushing her to be the best each and every day.


Our children are another great source of inspiration for my wife and she will often comment on how even after a bad day at the office, the kids have the ability to melt her stresses away. Not only does my wife want to provide the very best life for our kids, she also loves how they can put things in perspective. My wife could spend hours stressing over a small detail in the office but she says that when she speaks to the kids, she realizes how insignificant that stressful thing is, and then she can approach things with a clear mind.

Social Media

My wife then began speaking about her social media and how one of the best decisions which she made was to tailor-make her social media feeds so that it was full of inspiring stories and inspiring people. Unlike most people who use social media to keep up with friends, news and gossip, my wife prefers to use her social media as a tool to keep here inspired to be the best.

And so this is how my wonderful wife is able to be inspired every single day, how do you get inspired.

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