My Background Checks – What Background Checks Find Out

If you are recruiting new staff for your business then you must understand just how important that it is for you to perform background checks on your candidates. Background checks can be easily done online through sites such as My Background Checks and they are cost-effective and they do not take up much time. The importance of a background check cannot be overstated and if you want to ensure that you are getting the very best staff for your position who can represent the company well, you must check out their background first. When checking a persons background, here is what will be checked.

Credit Check

A credit check gives us the low down on how someone manages their finances and this knowledge can help you to understand just how fiscally responsible the person is. The relevance of this information will of course depend on the job role but anyone seeking jobs within finance or that entail handling money, must have a solid credit history.

Driving Record

A driving record check could be essential if you are recruiting a position which involves driving vehicles so you must ensure that they have a clean license, or at least that they are telling the truth abut their driving history. A driving record check will find out the status of their license, any accident which they may have been involved in as well as noting any penalty points, convictions or traffic law violations.


Very often candidates will fib on their resumes to make it appear that they have a stronger education than they have, or they may even embellish their grades somewhat. A background check however will be able to find out exactly what education your candidate possesses, as well as the location where they were educated. This can be important to not only find out the truth, but also to test the integrity of your candidate.

Drug Test

With the candidates permission you can also carry out a drugs test which will test for illegal drugs in their system. This is not something that is required in all jobs of course but any job that involves using heavy machinery or driving for example, may require a drugs test.

Criminal Checks

Criminal checks will show any county, state or federal crimes which your candidate has committed. In many cases people are very open and honest about this which means that you can use a check to simply verify what they are saying. There are however, many people who fail to document their criminal activity on their job application form which is why you need to make sure that the person is telling the truth. This is one of the most important checks to carry out as if you fail to do so, the person and their history can bring your company into disrepute.

Make sure that you have done your due diligence and check out your candidates before offering them a position.

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