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The Best Spots for Celebrity Sightings with Your Los Angeles Limousine Service

If you plan on checking out Los Angeles, why not do it in style? This city is notoriously known as the land of the rich and famous, so it is more than possible to adopt a lavish lifestyle during your time here. One of the best ways to go big or go home is by hiring a Los Angeles limousine service before you check out the popular attractions throughout the city.

One of the main reasons to come to L.A. is for the chance of sighting your favorite movie stars, professional athletes, or musical artists. Whether you tour the city in a car, on a bus, or with a limo driver, there are certain spots you are bound to see a celeb or two.

If this is your motivation for coming here, you can be sure to see some celebs at these popular Los Angeles destinations.

Los Angeles International Airport

Keeping an eye out for celebrities at LAX is a no-brainer. Just like the rest of us, famous people book flights to get from point A to point B. Sure, the chances of seeing Jennifer Lopez in an economy seat is unlikely – she’s much more suited for first class. But there is still a chance you’ll see her or another celeb wandering through the airport terminals.

You’re less likely to see a celebrity before their flight; before flights they tend to hang out in the private airline lounges away from the public eye. But after the flight you might see a celeb or two mingling near baggage claim. Like the rest of us, they have to collect their checked baggage after their time in the air.

The Grove

The Grove is an eclectic mix of stores and restaurants that is most popular for being nextdoor to the Original Farmers Market. The funky shops and under-the-radar eateries are authentic to say the least. This authenticity is what attracts celebs to come hang out here. You have about a 50/50 chance of seeing a celebrity at the Grove.

Carbon Beach

Can you guess why Carbon Beach is referred to by locals as “Billionaire Beach”? It’s because the richest people in Los Angeles come to this stretch of Malibu beach to enjoy the waters of the Pacific. Lots of celebrities own property on Carbon Beach, so your chances of a sighting are almost certain.

The Ivy

The Ivy is not just known for its charm and good food. This quaint cottage is the ultimate spot for a celebrity sighting. Stars as big as George Clooney and Jennifer Aniston have been seen enjoying a meal here.

The Hollywood Roosevelt

The Roosevelt is one of the most iconic celebrity hotels in the world. It is not just a place for out-of-town celebs to rest their heads at night, but also a local hangout for the famous people of L.A. There are several popular clubs within the hotel, as well as a restaurant and poolside bar. You don’t need to be a guest of the Hollywood Roosevelt to come check it out.

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