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Top 5 Cannabis Strains for Dealing with Anxiety

There are many disbelievers throughout Canada out there when it comes to marijuana having positive effects on anxiety and depression. These are typically the people who have tried smoking once in their lives and immediately felt that oh-so-familiar paranoid feeling among cannabis users. You might define the relationship between weed and anxiety as “it’s complicated”, but in reality it’s not actually that complicated! It turns out that the strain of cannabis you smoke or consume is the determining factor on whether or not you’ll feel paranoid and nervous, or whether it will chill you out and give you that amazing mellow vibe.

Now that recreational cannabis use is legal within Ontario and it is possible to receive a Health Canada legal grow license for medical marijuana, more and more people are thinking about their preferences when it comes to strains of weed. There are so many out there, and the amount just keeps growing so your options are basically unlimited. Each strain affects you in different ways and has so many potential benefits. The rule of thumb for looking for anxiety-reducing weed is to pick something lower in THC and higher in CBD. If you are looking to cure your anxiety and put your anxious thoughts at bay, consider purchasing or legally growing these strains of cannabis. 


This strain is known for having higher CBD than THC content, therefore being perfect for anxiety-ridden people. Anyone looking for a nice high typically strays away from this strain since its THC content can be as low as 4%, but this means there is almost no chance of feeling paranoid or nervous after using Harlequin. You’ll definitely feel relaxed after taking a few puffs of a Harlequin joint.

CBD Shark

The ratio of CBD to THC in CBD Shark is equal, so it may not be the perfect strain for people suffering from extreme anxiety disorders. It is ideal for anyone suffering from minor anxiety problems since it produces happy vibes and an overall relaxed feeling. The fact that it still has a decent amount of THC is still beneficial – it helps with pain relief and sleeping disorders.


If you have high anxiety that can be debilitating, ACDC might just be the strain for you. The CBD content is exponentially higher than the THC, almost 20 to 1. Due to the low THC percentage it produces little to no high but is one of the most effective strains for reducing anxiety.


The CBD in Trident is about twice as much as the THC and it is best known for helping people stay focused as well as reducing minor anxiety issues. If you experience stress from work or another source on a daily basis, consider buying or growing Trident. Since there is still a decent amount of THC in this strain, there is a chance of paranoia for some users.


The CBD in the strain known as Cannatonic can be almost thrice the amount of THC, making it ideal for treating anxiety. When ingested at a high rate, it has the risk of creating psychoactive effects, but is perfect for anxiety when smoked or consumed in moderation.

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