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What to Expect From a Breast Biopsy Procedure

Breast cancer is something which scares a great a many women and given the number of women who unfortunately contract this disease, it is easy to see why they may be fearful. Thankfully however the mortality rate for people with breast cancer is constantly rising and this is a disease which is killing less women than ever before. As part of the revision to see whether or not this is something that you may be suffering from, a breast biopsy procedure is performed and here is all that you need to know about it.


This procedure involves taking a sample of breast tissue which will be then sent off to the laboratory to be tested and analyzed. The sample that is taken from the breast is very small and the taking of it will be very painless.

Why They Will Perform a Biopsy ?

Your doctor will perform a breast biopsy when they believe that there is an issue with the health of the breast or the breasts. This could be as a result of finding a lump in the breast or thickening of the tissue, it could be because of the results of a mammogram, an ultrasound or even an MRI or it could also because there has been some changes in the shape or the size of your areola around the nipple.

Risks Associated With Biopsy

After the biopsy you may find some tenderness and some swelling on the breast and around the area where the sample has been taken from. You may also see a change in the appearance of your breasts and in rare cases you may have an infection or bleeding at the site from where the sample was taken.

What They Will Test For?

When your sample is sent off to the lab it is so that they can test for any abnormalities and for any cancerous cells which may be in the breast tissue. In many cases there is absolutely nothing to worry about and remember that having a breast biopsy is the best way to find out exactly what is going on, in order to commence treatment on anything that is wrong.

Preparing Yourself

Whenever you are told that you need to have a biopsy alarm bells will begin ringing in your head and you will no doubt start to think about the possible consequences of bad news. It is impossible to stop your brain from ticking over like this but you must try to do all that you can to stay calm and to stay positive. This will be a worrying wait but you must ensure that you avoid searching for too much information online about what could possibly be wrong, in doing this you will end up diagnosing yourself and getting worried, when in reality you know nothing about what is going on. Try to relax and stay patient.

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