Why You Should Hire this Company for Your Virtual Receptionist in Santa Ana

Hiring a virtual receptionist might never have crossed your mind before; maybe you don’t even know what a virtual receptionist is. To put things simply, it is someone who can handle your everyday business tasks from a remote location. He or she will help with taking messages, answering customer questions, scheduling appointments, and even organizing your calendar.

The best virtual receptionists have received extensive training in the field. When you hire a company like Tab based in Santa Ana, you can expect professional-level receptionists that will make your life easier in every way. Here are even more reasons to use Tab Answer Network as your virtual receptionist Santa Ana provider.

This company has been in the industry since 1954

Tab was established way back in 1954 and it was the very first answering service to start in Southern California. This company has been a key player in the telecommunications industry for almost 7 decades. It has paved the way for other answering services in California and all throughout the United States. You can count on them to be reliable and provide professional-level service.

All call representatives and virtual receptionists have received extensive training

Every service representative is required to complete an extensive training program before manning the phones. This program is 12-weeks long and provides some of the best mentoring and coaching in the country.

When the virtual receptionists and call operators pass the course, they aren’t just left to their own devices. They are monitored by supervisors to ensure that all of your expectations are met.

In addition, the team members at Tab all take part in an incentive program that encourages them to provide only the best service.

They use the most advanced computer systems and softwares

Tab actually helped to design the first software that was ever used in the answering service industry. They were also one of the first to use a computer software throughout their operation. You can rest easy knowing that Tab only uses the most advanced computer systems to help your company run smoothly.

Theirs is the leading software in terms of voice messaging, order processing, and customer service support. No matter what your specific business needs are, Tab can help you to accomplish them.

They are dedicated to meeting clients’ needs

As soon as you invest in Tab’s services you’ll be directly contacted by a leading team member. This team member is dedicated to answering your questions and ensuring that your needs and expectations are understood.

While you continue to invest in your virtual assistant services, a team member will regularly contact you to make sure you are pleased with your assigned representative. Tab is dedicated to meeting your needs and improving its services in whatever way possible.

Tab Answer Network offers more than just virtual receptionists

Tab offers a variety of answering services to its clients. They have everything from dispatching services to scheduling representatives to order entry services. No matter what you’re looking for, Tab Answer Network can help you with it!

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